Relocating To Cleveland OH – Helping Children Adjust To A Move

Relocating To Cleveland OH – Helping Children Adjust To A Move

Relocating to a new area is an exciting yet stressful event, especially when children are involved. If the kids are real young, some of these things are not too relevant. However, older children can be affected by moving to a new area. Here are some tips on helping kids adapt to the big move:family moving

1.       Show the children the new home prior to moving.  It also helps if they can pick out their new room and even choose a new paint color or theme so they can personalize their new “space”.

2.       Make a scrapbook of the old home and neighborhood.                    

3.       Throw a good-bye party.  At the party have their friends sign a t-shirt and take lots of pictures.

4.       Buy the kids a special house warming present, something to make them excited about the move. 

5.       Take your children to see their new school, and get to know the local area.

6.       Meet a few kids in your new neighborhood. Invite them over to play with your children.

7.       Let your children choose a new favorite restaurant or store.  This will help them feel in control of their new world.

8.       Encourage them to send letters about their new home to their friends. Maybe even invite an old friend to visit once you get settled in.

9.       Involve your children in groups, sports, and activities like the ones they used to participate in. Staying in some sort of routine can be helpful.

10.     Spend a lot of time with your children after the move. Be in tune to their feelings.

Moving affects adults and children differently. Even though children are pretty resilient and adaptable, they still need a lot of attention during a major event in their lives, such as a move to a new area. Being in tune to their needs during this transition will make things much more enjoyable for everyone.


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