Solon Ohio Schools

Solon Ohio Schools –A Parents Perspective

The Solon Ohio Schools are known throughout the area and the entire U.S. because of their high local and national rankings. Our goal is this article is to give a parents perspective of the Solon Schools so that families relocating to Solon or considering a move can see beyond the high test scores and ratings.  We will focus on the people behind the scenes who deserve a tremendous amount of credit for our award-winning school district;  the teachers, volunteers, and administrators.   

Solon Ohio Schools


This is our 5th year having children attend Solon Ohio Schools and our experience has been extremely positive. Like many people who move to Solon, one of the reasons we chose to live here was because of the top ranked school system. The rankings alone, however, don’t tell the whole story.

To begin, we are extremely impressed with the quality of teachers in the Solon Ohio Schools. Every day they work tirelessly to ensure that our children realize their full potential.  When it comes to teachers, expectations are elevated in our household because Amy holds a masters degree in early childhood education and used to teach. She puts our children’s teachers under a microscope every year and they always seem to impress her. 


  Solon Ohio Schools

In addition, we both have a chance to volunteer in the Solon schools on a regular basis. The classrooms are run efficiently and in an environment that is conducive to learning. We cherish our time in the classrooms and marvel at just how hard the teachers work every single day. It is certainly not an easy job. The kids do work hard though and get a lot more homework than when we were their age. Despite the heavy work load, the children who manage their time wisely still have plenty of time for extra-curricular activities.



The local Solon PTA ( Parent Teacher Association ) is also highly instrumental in the success of the Solon Ohio Schools. While most PTA’s are pretty active, the Solon PTA is more than just involved, they are truly committed.  There are PTA’s on all levels, High School, Middle School, Elementary, and even an early childhood PTA  for those with young children. The local PTA does a terrific job of being a liaison between the children, teachers, and administration. They are the engine that makes things happen within the schools helping with events throughout the year. Joining the PTA is a very easy way for parents to get involved in the schools.

We certainly cannot speak about the success of the Solon Schools without mentioning the administrators and school board who also work tirelessly throughout the year. They don’t always get a lot of credit, but their work is extremely important. 

We are certainly proud of the Solon School system and greatly appreciatiate the teachers, volunteers and administrators who work hard year after year to help make it one of the best schools in the nation. 


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