Buying A Home In Cleveland – Where To Buy, East Side or West Side?

Buying A Home In Cleveland – Where To Buy, East Side or West Side?

East side or West side?

If you are relocating to Cleveland and don’t know the area, it can be difficult to figure out where to buy a home. The last thing you want to do when buying a home in Cleveland is rush into buying in a location that you will later find to be less than ideal. Many people relocate here and make the mistake of buying without giving a lot of thought to location. This article will discuss the importance of location and some key things to consider before buying.

To begin, Cleveland is geographically divided by a major highway that runs North and South ( I77) and unless you work and live downtown, you will be either to the East or West of this interstate. Therefore, you are known as either an “East Sider” or “West Sider”.  It is a strange phenomenon that we first encountered when we relocated here from Washington, D.C. 14 years ago. 

There seems to be a mental barrier here in that people are reluctant to cross into the East or West sides very often. The main reason is that most people from Cleveland don’t like to drive more than 20 minutes to get somewhere. While those relocating to Cleveland from larger cities, like we did, are used to spending a lot of time in their car to get places, native Clevelanders are not. Although it doesn’t take more than 20-30 minutes to get from the suburbs of one side to the other, people here just don’t like to venture to the “other side” very often. Knowing this may help you decide where to live when relocating to Cleveland.

Whether you look East or West, here are some factors to consider when determining where to begin your Cleveland home search:

1. Location of work – You may want to at least consider searching for a home on the same side of town as your work place. Downtown and central locations such as Independence allow easy access to both sides of town.

2. Location of friends and family – Many buyers want to live near their major sphere and if your family and friends all live on the East side, moving to the West side may not be ideal if you plan to see them a lot.

3. Schools – A buyer who wants their child or children in a certain school district will need to buy a home within that specific area. A buyer who is considering one of the many private schools in the area does not have such geographical restrictions but the drive time from home to the school should be a consideration.

4. Desire for waterfront property – For those buyers seeking a waterfront home, Cleveland offers spectacular choices on both the East and West sides, although there are more waterfront homes on the West side.

5. Desire for a luxury home – There are luxury home communities on both the east and west sides although styles and features do differ.

The reality is that there are many wonderful areas to live in Cleveland, but your location will end up determining where you spend most of your time and who you see most often.

If you are relocating to Cleveland, think about these things before you buy. A good local real estate agent will be able to educate you on the different areas of Cleveland and help you find an area suitable for your needs.


About The Authors:

This information is provided compliments of Amy and Dan Schuman, The Schuman Team Keller Williams Realty. The Schumans service both the East and West sides of Cleveland and have worked with numerous professional athletes, business owners, and executives who are relocating to Cleveland. They specialize in the Cleveland Ohio luxury home market.

If you are looking to buy or sell Cleveland real estate, including the surrounding suburbs, please contact the Schuman Team at 216-346-3235. 


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