Cleveland Ohio Real Estate – Tips When Selling A Home In The Winter

Cleveland Ohio Real Estate – Tips When Selling A Home In The Winter

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For a variety of reasons, many home owners here in Cleveland have decided to put their home on the market during the winter months. With cold temperatures and an abundance of snow, we have decided to give some tips that may help you with your home sale.

1.     Always keep the driveway plowed – While this may seem like common sense, a poorly plowed driveway is a negative first impression for a buyer.  Equally important is making it easier for the buyer and their agent to get into the home.

2.     Keep walkway clear and ice free – Efforts should be made to make sure the path leading to the entrance of the home is clear. This serves mulitple purposes. Most important, as mentioned in #1 above, it is part of the first impression. Also, you want to avoid someone slipping and falling while trying to get into your home.   A clear drive and walkway also mean less snow being brought into the home, a major plus for the homeowner.

3.     Have plenty of rugs/towels available in entryway – This is ideal to eliminate snow being brought into the home. While many homeowner typically keep a mat or rug in the entryway of their home year round, adding additional reinforcement would be a good idea. We also recommend having a place to keep boots as well.

4.     Keep the home warm – While many sellers may turn down the thermostat while they are out of their home, keeping a home nice and warm during showings is a must. You want a buyer to feel comfortable in your home, and having it cold could also send signals that the home is not well insulated.

5.     Have summer photos available – Your home looks totally different when the ground is covered with snow and it is often difficult for a buyer to envision what the yard looks like. If possible, have photos of your home available for buyers to see what it looks like when everything is in bloom.

There are many advantages to selling your home during the winter, including less competition and being able to market to more motivated buyers ( who else is trekking through the cold and snow to see homes ). So if you are going to sell in the winter, make sure to take the necessary steps to make sure a buyer has a positive experience in your home. 


About The Authors:

Dan and Amy Schuman  use their home staging expertise to sell listings quicker and for more money. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Cleveland area, please contact the Schuman Team at 216-346-3235. 


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