Cleveland Ohio Real Estate – Access To Home Denied Until Title Transfer!

Cleveland Ohio Real Estate – Access To Home Denied Until Title Transfer! 


access to home limited during purchase process


Once a buyer writes an earnest money check and invests time and money in a home inspection and appraisal, they often feel entitled to some sort of rights to the home.

However, here’s the reality: until title transfers, the home still belongs to the sellers. The buyer  does not own the home yet and  has no rights to get inside the home after inspections and prior to possession.

We understand that buyers get excited about their new home. They can’t wait to show it to their family, friends, and possibly even let in contractors for estimates on work to be done. Unfortunately, there is no open door policy between buyer and seller. While many sellers are fairly agreeable and accommodating to a buyer’s request to get in the home throughout the buying process, this is not guaranteed.

I know what a lot of buyers are thinking, why wouldn’t the seller just let us in if we give them advance notice?

Well, here are just a few reasons from a sellers’ perspective:

1.     Nothing good can happen by letting you in more than necessary. What happens if a buyer notices a problem or defect in the home that they or their inspector never saw before? How about if the buyer comes back in the home with a parent or close friend who ends up not liking the home or thinks they overpaid? In general, many sellers feel that letting a buyer into the home is just asking for trouble.

2.     Insurance risks and inconvenience. There are always insurance risk involved anytime someone enters a home, especially during the winter months. And how about the inconvenience factor? Sometimes letting a buyer into a home is a hassle for the sellers, especially if there is an alarm to deal with, dogs to lock up, or young children to manage.

3.      Security risks. Every time a buyer goes into a home, there is always the chance doors won’t get locked properly or lights will be left on. This is especially concerning in vacant homes when no one is there to follow up after the showing.

4.     Sellers are emotional about their home. Some sellers have an emotional attachment to their home and every time the buyer comes in is another painful reminder of the move. If dealing with an emotional seller, we advise our buyers to be tactful if ever entering a home with a decorator or contractor as the seller may be less than thrilled to hear about the changes you plan on making to their home.

5.       Bad feelings between parties developed due to negotiations. If negotiations were contentious, or the buyer gave the seller a laundry list of items to be corrected prior to closing, the sellers could be a little annoyed, or downright angry. If this were the case, they may not be so inclined to do you any favors by letting you in the home more than necessary.

So, in order to avoid a lot of heartache and frustration, here are a few tips we recommend to avoid any problems.

Plan ahead for any access you may want to the home prior to getting the keys. Since the home inspection takes 2-3 hours, this is a perfect opportunity to coordinate others to see the home at this time.

You may also want to specify in the purchase agreement that you will be allowed access to the home after inspections, and spell out how often and when. This way all parties are clear of expectations. If it is not in writing, then you as the buyer are not protected and are at the mercy of the seller, whose attitude could change dramatically at any time.

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