Solon OH Real Estate – Dealing With A Low Ball Offer

Solon Ohio Real Estate – Dealing With A Low Ball Offer  

receiving a low ball offer

Low ball offers are part of the home selling process. I know it’s not what home sellers here in Solon OH want to hear, but it’s the truth. So, since dealing with low offers is as much a part of the home selling process as home staging or marketing, you need to be prepared to handle the inevitable. This post will help you deal with low ball offers and give you tips on turning them into a successful sale.

To begin, let’s address why someone would consider the “low ball” strategy of negotiating. Although much more common in a down market, many buyers feel like they simply must see if they can get a steal on a home. Buyers often hear about the great “deal” that a friend or family member got on their recent home purchase and want to create a similar story for themselves. Many buyers simply want to see what they can get away with and feel that they can always go up if their offer isn’t accepted. 

We always warn our Solon home selling clients ahead of time to expect these low ball offers, so they are properly prepared.  However, those sellers that are not ready to address a low offer will be in for a very rude awakening and may end up missing out on a golden opportunity to sell their home.

So, that being said, here are some simple tips for dealing with a “low ball” offer:

     1.  Don’t Take It Personally – This is a business transaction and letting your emotions take over can do more harm than good.

     2.  Remember, This Is Just An Initial Offer – Don’t focus on where the buyer starts because the only thing that really matters is where they end up.

     3.  Take Every Offer Seriously – You never know when another offer is going to come and how much it will be for, so try to make every offer work.

     4.  Counter – Some sellers refuse to respond to a low offer, but this is a poor tactic and may cause you to lose a buyer who was prepared to eventually give you an acceptable price.

     5.  Be Patient – Some buyers simply want to negotiate and expect to go back and forth a lot. Stay calm and focus on the big picture — to get your home sold.

With a good attitude, a little bit of patience, and a good listing agent, a seller can easily turn a low ball offer into an accepted contract.

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