Moving Day – How To Prepare

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This article is for those of you who are relocating to Cleveland ( or any other area for that matter) and could use some help with your move, specifically, moving day.

To begin, we have written several articles about relocating to Cleveland that describe the beginning part of the process in detail. We recommend reading the following:

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Here, we are assuming you have already called the movers and are making your plans for the actual day you move.

If you are making a local move, this can be easier as you are more familiar with the local area. You may also have access to your prior residence and be able to go back and forth without having to worry about leaving something behind. If you plan to move in gradually over time, then this type of move is certainly much easier.

However, if you are relocating from out of the area, additional stress is involved and you especially need to be organized and prepared.

Moving can be very exciting , but also stressful as well.  So, here are some helpful tips to prepare you for moving day:

1. Have phone numbers of your real estate agent, title company, and moving company available. Nothing is worse than showing up to your new home and the movers don’t show up on time ( or you cannot get in ), and you have to spend time frantically tracking someone down.

2.  Have a map of the local area with you. If you are high-tech, a GPS or smart phone may be all you need. The important thing is to have an idea of your surroundings and where you are going.

3.  Have cash on hand or travelers checks if you prefer. You never know what will come up, and some places don’t take credit cards, so it’s always a good idea to have cash on hand for emergencies.

4.  Have enough clothes, toiletries and medicine, if applicable, available with you to last a few days. You never know what can happen, and if your movers have all of your personal possessions and end up lost or delayed, you will want certain things with you.

5.  Remember to pack specific items with you ( not with the movers ) that are not replaceable.  While moving companies can insure your personal belongings, you may have some items that have sentimental value and simply cannot be replaced.

We also recommend having the name and number of a local hotel with you, once again, just in for some reason you cannot get access to the home, or if movers are delayed.

In all likelihood, your move will probably take place without any problems. But in our experience, things can come up that are beyond your control, so make sure you are prepared.  Good luck with your move.

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