Is Your Agent An Asset, Or A Liability

Is Your Agent An Asset or Liability?


Buying and selling a home is a complicated transaction in any market.  Given the many complexities of today’s housing environment, a good real estate agent is your biggest asset.

A good agent keeps deals together and gets them closed, while the wrong agent will cause havoc throughout the entire transaction and often becomes the sole reason for failure.



Agents must work with each other to bring parties together. Even though one agent typically represents the seller while the other represents the buyer, this doesn’t mean that we fight with each other.  In fact, getting along with one another actually leads to a greater probability of success.

An agent who “doesn’t play nice in the sandbox” can actually ruin a transaction.  I know a lot of consumers who think they need to hire an agent with the reputation of a  “bulldog”, or  “ruthless negotiator” to represent them. What is overlooked though is that many of these agents aren’t necessarily well-liked, or easy to work with.

Hiring one of these agents can actually be a huge liability.


A successful agent provides valuable guidance throughout the entire transaction. They are the captain of the ship, calm and cool in the face of adversity, never wavering on the task at hand. They offer suggestions and find ways to make things happen for you.

On the flip side, there are many agents out there that do more harm than good. They are combative and poor communicators, often highly emotional as well. Perhaps this type of agent did well in the past, but their  skills are not suited for today’s challenging market.

These agents also try to make decisions for their clients,  instead of  simply presenting information to them. They often get in their own way, yet don’t realize they are doing it.


Successful agents are knowledgeable,  have excellent communication skills,  handle themselves in a professional manner, and have good relationships within the local real estate community.

Every agent has a different skill set and personality. Having the right agent should not be overlooked, and  can actually be the single most important variable in getting a deal to close.

If you are looking to hire a real estate agent, make sure they will be a tremendous asset. It’s a rough market out there and you need all the help you can get.


About The Authors

The above information was provided by Dan and Amy Schuman of The Schuman Team Howard Hanna.

Dan is an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist and Amy is a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. They can be reached at:

216-403-9189 or via email, or

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