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Can Feng Shui Help A Home Sell?


Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years but until recently, most sellers have not taken it very seriously. Today, we will discuss the importance of Feng Shui and how it influences buyers in today’s real estate market.


For those of you not familiar with the concept of Feng Shui, it has to do with the balance of energy in a home. It has even been supported by modern day science.

Some homes are deemed more desirable to those buyers who subscribe to the principals of Feng Shui then others. In our case, we have a lot of international buyers in the local market who do feel strongly about Feng Shui. Therefore, we feel it is important for our home sellers to at least understand the basic concepts and what it can mean to their efforts in selling their home.


Making a home “Feng Shui” friendly is often fairly easy and doesn’t necessarily cost a ton of money. While we can’t go into all the specifics in this post, we can give you some examples of how simple it can be to make your home conform to the principals of Feng Shui.

Changing a room’s color or adding some things to change the flow of energy in a home can make a huge difference.  For example, the ideal color of a dining room according to Feng Shui would be sage green, a medium blue or even an earth tone.

Sprucing up a home’s entrance is also deemed important. A new front door and sparkling clean windows are said to attract positive energy to a home. Also,  if you walk into a home and can immediately see through to the back yard, the energy is supposedly flowing right through the home, which isn’t good according to Feng Shui.  To correct this, you could simply add a table and some tall flowers or plants in the entryway to help disperse energy throughout the home.


Another important concept in Feng Shui is the other senses besides sight. Smell and sound are deemed critical yet are often overlooked when selling a home. There are particular smells that are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Specific types of music will also enhance a potential buyer’s experience when walking through a home. Oh, and don’t forget about temperature. A home should be set at a particular temperature in both the summer and winter months to make the buyers feel the most comfortable.

Whether or not you personally believe in Feng Shui is irrelevant. Many buyers subscribe to the concepts associated with this powerful philosophy and that alone should be reason enough for you to care. After all, if you don’t give buyers what they want, they’ll find it someone else.



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