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Sellers Responsibilities Run Through Title Transfer


Don't Stop Maintaining Your Home Just Because It's Under Contract


Once a home officially goes under contract doesn’t mean a seller should turn their back on their responsibilities. Unfortunately, we have seen sellers do this quite a bit recently and it leads to problems, some that could even jeopardize the closing.

It’s easy to assume that once the paperwork is all signed you can sit back and just wait for the closing. However, there are a lot of things that can happen during the contract to close period, and most of them lead to negative consequences for the seller.


  1. Seller staying in the home during the inspection
  2. The home not being “show ready” during the inspection and appraisal
  3. Home is dirty during buyer’s walk through
  4. Driveway is not plowed
  5. Personal property had not been removed

Most sellers understand the importance of leaving their home for showings, so why would you stay for the inspection? Just because you are under contract doesn’t mean you should forget about proper etiquette and procedures. Your presence at the home inspection could actually hinder a sale, so do yourself a favor and leave.

Another thing to remember is that any time you have someone coming in your home, you want it to look its best. Don’t give anyone a reason to have negative feelings about the way you care for and treat your home.

Also, please take the walk-through very seriously. Nothing is more demoralizing for a buyer than to walk through the home prior to closing and find that the home they fell in love with has been totally neglected. This includes lawn care, weeding, and cleaning of the home.

Failing to maintain your home sets a very bad tone and heightens emotions during the closing process. I have seen buyers refuse to sign documents and hold up the closing because of this —not, something a seller wants to happen.



I realize that most sellers don’t purposely neglect their home. They just happen to be very focused on their upcoming move and get distracted. However, please understand that you still have responsibilities as a home owner. Don’t start to skimp on basic maintenance issues just because you are moving out.

Remember, the buyers fell in love with your home because of the way you initially presented it to them. So, please make sure you continue to care for it throughout the entire process.

Failing to keep up your home makes you look bad, upsets the buyers, and can lead to nothing but problems. So, have some class, do the right thing and ensure a smooth closing.


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