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How Accurate Are Real Estate Listings?

On line listings

On line real estate listings are not always how they appear. While some listings are described accurately, others, well let’s just say embellished is putting it kindly.

In today’s post, we will give you some examples of misleading words used by agents and how prospective buyers can sort through the schlock to determine which homes are really worth a look.


Most people know the old tricks used by agents. They use words like “cozy” to describe homes that are tiny or “great potential” for homes that need a lot of work.

Over the years though, agents have gotten a whole lot more aggressive.

Some agents do things that are obvious to a buyer like put an exclamation point ( ! ) after every highlight. Apparently, some agents feel that stating “new screen door!” will make the home more appealing.

Others will use popular buzz words to get a buyer to act.  Statements like “captivating” and “must see” are often sprinkled into property descriptions on homes that are mediocre at best.

And nothing screams for a call to action better than “a steal” or “won’t last”.  Often times these particular listings have been on the market forever, thus automatically ruining the agents credibility.


Here are some additional things and statements to look for to help you when searching on line for homes.

  •   “motivated sellers”, “bring offers” = overpriced home. If a house was priced correctly, they wouldn’t have to beg buyers to see it.
  •    pictures of only the exterior of the home = the inside is likely a train wreck.
  •    “decorating allowance to buyer” = sellers haven’t touched the place since the 80’s.
  •   “undervalued” = If it really was that great of a deal, it would have already sold.
  •     using square footage that is much higher than similar homes = agent is adding in the basement, garage, outbuildings and who knows what else to make the home appear larger than it really is to justify the price.

At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with an agent using descriptive words and statements that genuinely reflect a home. However, touting a house to be something it is not will simply anger prospective buyers and their agents who end up wasting their valuable time to see it.

When searching for a home on line, be aware of the tricks that some agents use to lure you in.

Just knowing how to sort through the fluff will allow you to concentrate on the homes that you may actually want to buy.



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