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So You Think You Give Great Service?



If we polled 100 business professionals, I bet over 95% would say they give their clients great customer service. But are we really as good as we think we are?

What prompted this post was a bad experience I had recently with a local printing company. I had used them before and worked directly with the owner, so I felt there would be no problems. Unfortunately, after receiving poor service I had to take my business elsewhere. This could have easily been avoided with just a little effort.


I was never asked questions up front regarding what I wanted in terms of service.  In my mind, how can you meet and exceed someone’s expectations if you don’t define them upfront?

To make matters worse, when I told the owner I was unhappy, he was shocked and a little defensive.  In his mind he was giving me great service and even told me as much. There was obviously a huge disconnect between what he thought I wanted and what was actually going to make me happy.

He confused giving me a great price as giving me great service, which was not the case. It just so happens that my project was very time-sensitive and speed was more important than price to me. The failure to recognize this caused the printer to lose my business.


During the time we worked together, I noticed that the printer made many mistakes that business people make every day. He:

1. Failed to ask me up front what was important to me.

2. Told me that he was swamped every time I spoke with him – making me feel that my business wasn’t important.

3. Didn’t communicate with me proactively, making me call him for a status.

4. Didn’t offer to correct the problem.

5. Failed to recognize he gave me a bad experience.


In our real estate business, we ask our clients a lot of questions up front regarding their expectations.  Our belief is that if you don’t know specifically what will make a client happy, how in the world can you properly service them.

Plus, every client is different. Some want constant communication, while others don’t want to be bothered unless it’s an emergency. Many people prefer to communicate by email or text, but some still like the personal aspect of a phone call or face to face meeting. Everyone has a different definition of “great service”, so without asking what they want, you’ll have a tough time giving them a truly memorable experience.

When it comes to customer service, asking the right questions and communicating effectively are the keys to success.  The ability to do these things well will make a huge difference to your bottom line.


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The Most Important Question We Ask Our Clients


If you were to ask our past clients what they liked about working with us, they’d probably mention the high level of service they received. We like to think we offer not good, but “legendary” customer service. This starts by asking good questions.



When we sit down with our clients, whether they are a buyer or seller, we ask them a series of questions. We want to find out their goals and what they expect from us. After all, in order for us to meet and exceed their expectations, they must first be defined.  Here is the one particular question we ask that really makes a huge difference.

“What is your preferred method of communication?”

It may seem simple, but it seems like everything comes down to communication. What you say, when you say it, and the method in which you communicate are all important. Problems in any type of relationship usually arise when there is a breakdown in the lines of communication.

In today’s society, everyone communicates differently and we acknowledge and respect that.  Some people prefer email, while others like to text. There are also many that like speaking by phone as well.   And if you want to go real old school, face to face interaction still has its place.

With all these ways to interact, we feel that it’s important to find out which methods our clients prefer and act accordingly. If our hip tech savvy clients prefer texting, then we text. The ones that prefer to talk on the phone, we call them. We have notes in our files and know how everyone wants us to communicate to them.

Our hope is that our clients will appreciate how important we view service and communication.  At the end of the day, we simply want to make our clients happy and finding out how they prefer to receive information from us is a good start.


About The Authors

The above information was provided by Dan and Amy Schuman of The Schuman Team Howard Hanna.

Dan is an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist and Amy is a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. They can be reached at:

216-403-9189 or via email, or

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